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Top 3 recommendations for electric guitars

Top 3 recommendations for electric guitars

Electric guitars have been around for ages and are the coolest thing since sliced bread. They are extremely versatile for all styles, look cool and are much easier to play then acoustic guitars. Often when i get a beginner student come in for a lesson, I recommend an electric guitar to start with. If your looking to purchase one, below are my top 3 recommendations on a budget.

1. Squier Bullet Stratocaster

At around 239.99$ new, the squier bullet stratocaster is a great guitar for anyone from beginner to intermediate level. The action is great, it sounds good and it’s well made, you can’t expect anything less from a company like fender. This is often the first guitar i recommend to my students.

2. Epiphone Les Paul Special

The epiphone les paul special is another great option on a budget. Priced slightly more the squier at 249.99$, this guitar is a rock and roll machine and can give you slightly dirtier tones then the squier. Like the squier, it plays great has great action and has the iconic les paul style guitar look. If you love rock in roll, this it the one for you.

3. Ibanez GIO

Last but not least, the ibanez gio is another great workhorse electric guitar. Priced the highest on the list at 299.99$ this guitar looks and plays great. Often used for metal style music, this guitar will help you to learn to shred in no time.